Saturday, 11 May 2019

Professional Enlightenment 

Professional Enlightenment encompasses all areas of professional wisdom. I coined the term " Purpose is Served when SILENCE is understood". After coining this term, I was deliberating with some of my professional colleagues as to what they all feel about this coinage of this term. In fact they could NOT believe that this was ME who gave this epithet. Yes; this suddenly came out of me when I was seriously exploring an attitudinal behavior on a subject of great importance for that day.

WELL. Do not brood over things that are never going to be rectified, Similarly, there is no point in lamenting about things which are never going to come back at all. Precisely for the same reason, there is no point in trying to garner from someone who has got NOTHING to lose (as it is already lost).

I believe strongly that efforts have to be 99% (0r even 99.99%) as luck plays only a maximum of 1% in the overall drama of Life (be it career or business or a combination of both).The insistence of reality and truth, however deeper it may be, from whatever sources, are simply rejected by those who actually matters. Those, despite odds, who are able to withstand and concentrate with utmost faith in themselves and their goals, are the ones who do come up, nicely and certainly. It is NOT really a paradox to have multiple layers in the fiber of society as many people astonishingly wonder. May be it is lack of knowledge to comprehend larger perspectives of the Creator.

Pouring incessantly one's own heart, sometimes, does not take a proper lead and even withholds de-risking eventually. It is not appropriate to comprehend and not feasible to do so of all factors that would constitute various career growths in one's own design of Life and Career.

Does then these mean that we have no role to play?

NO; it is not that way. It is rather understanding and be focussed is what one should strive at. How can be results without efforts? How can there be fruits without seeds? How can there be education without experimenting and utilisation?